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Business Intelligence Datawarehousing projects are currently main business activities of the company and we are currently trying to develop Business to Business Links service to become substantial part of our business.

Business Intelligence - Data Warehousing

Having background of on line systems software development, MOST Connections Ltd through last seven years has developed their expertise in design, implementation and support of Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing projects. In this field we can offer a number of services:

  • Provide work force (field experts) from our own resources to work in your teams
  • Recruit work force for you
  • Project Management
  • Take responsibility on parts of your system
  • Take full responsibility on your project
  • from initial system analyses, through design and development to full implementation.
  • Support your live system. We have gained the best knowledge and experience on following platforms:
  • Reporting
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Business Objects v6, v5, v4 WebI, BCA, BCA Publisher, Auditor, Designer, Reporter, Macros, SDK
  • Brio v6.2, v6.1, v5.5
  • BCS, OnDemand server, BrioQuery, Jscript
  • Crystal Enterprise Database Systems
  • SQL server 2000 , v7.0, v6.5, Stored procedures, DTS, Analyses Services, OLAP, MDX
  • Oracle v9i, v8I, v7
  • PL/SQL, SQL plus, SQL*Loader, Toad, Discovery Datawarehousing
  • ETL Tools
  • SQL server Data Transformation Services
  • Data stage Operating systems
  • Windows - UNIX , shell scripts

Business to Business Links

MOST connections Ltd. identifies companies that will benefit from shearing resources with other companies. It is usually manufacturing and development resources of companies from Eastern Europe (mainly countries of Former Yugoslavia) and sales, marketing, development resources and investment funds from western companies (mainly UK). We can offer a number of services:

  • Project Management
  • Market research
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment settings
  • Project Management
  • Market research

    Before embarking on an outbound telemarketing project an account manager will visit you at your company premises to gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of your business, your unique selling points and your campaign objectives. Working closely with you, we then:
  • Prepare a script/call guide.
  • Source / build a suitably targeted database of prospect companies.
  • Customise our reporting templates and agree a series of quality control procedures.
  • Train the account manager who will be working on your behalf using role-play and other related techniques.
    Our multilingual market researchers conduct all telephone-based interviews. Initial discussions will focus on Objectives, Methodology, Questionnaire creation and testing, Analysis reporting and interpretation, Project schedule, Costs.
    Our preferred research mechanism is telephone-based interviews; however, in later stage we will conduct face-to-face interviews to provide better and more personalised contacts. Appointment settings / Lead Generation
    This involves our specialist telemarketing account managers calling prospect companies on your company's behalf:
  • Identifying and/or confirming the decision-makers contact details.
  • Introduction of your company, products / services to the decision-maker with the objective of making confirmed appointments / sales leads for your sales team.
  • Prospects frequently ask to be sent company / product literature before they will consider setting up a meeting. If this is the case and only if they are seriously interested, we will send out the information together with a personalised 'mail-merged' letter.
  • This mailing will be followed up 2-3 days later with the intention of making confirmed appointments / sales leads for your sales team.

    Notes from the telephone calls and other market intelligence that you have asked us to collect will be sent to you at the end of each period. This will become a valuable register of prospects to which we can return with new information or proposals in order to secure a meeting. The register, which is updated daily, will become your property at the end of the campaign.



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